How do I add or change my bank information?


How do I add or change my bank information?

  • Start off by logging in to your ArbiterPay account at
  • Click on the tab on the left-hand side labeled “My Profile”.
  • From here you will see a row of grey tabs. Click on the one labeled “Bank Accounts”.
  • If you are needing to change bank information that already exists, you will then hit the button labeled “Modify”.

–     From here, update any information you need to and then enter your 4-digit security key.

–     If you are unable to remember your security key, please email to have this information sent to you.

–     Hit the “Save” button once you have completed all changes.

  • If you are needing to add bank information, you will hit the button labeled “Add”.

–     Enter all of the information that is required. This includes everything that has an asterisk next to it.

–     Once all of your information has been entered, hit the “Save” button to finish adding your bank information.

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