At first I was skeptical and not sure if I wanted to participate, but now am in love with the process! It is so much easier, cleaner, and quicker! I think more people will begin to make the switch once they give it a try.
Arbiter Pay has been a great tool for us this year. Customer support is exemplary. I am able to get quick resolution for any issue in a timely manner. Our experience has been nothing but positive. It was a great move for EPISD.
Lubbock Cooper has really enjoyed the convenience and simplicity of Arbiter Game. Officials and game workers are paid immediately while taking work off of our already busy Central Office staff. It is a win/win situation for officials, game workers and our staff. As public employees, it is our job to be good stewards of the taxpayer’s money. With Arbiter Game, we are able to do this by streamlining and expediting the payment process.

Clear Creek ISD started using the Arbiter Pay system this school year. We are very happy with Arbiter Pay as it has eliminated numerous processes with our finance department. We now can efficiently pay our officials in a timely manner. We have had positive feedback from our official’s association chapters and look forward to continuing our relationship with ArbiterPay.
We cannot thank EPIC enough for how easy they have made it to pay officials. We have noticed how little time we seem to be spending paying officials so far. The way it has been streamlined and the way the EPIC team have made our corrections easy to make ourselves has been of immeasurable value. Thanks for providing such a valuable service to us and for continually trying to make it better..